Zeszyty Naukowe Wydziału Nauk Ekonomicznych 
(Research Bulletins of the Faculty of Economic Sciences)

From No. 19, publications will be available on the new website (in Open Journal System - OJS).
Please visit: ezeszyty.wne.tu.koszalin.pl

Instructions for Authors


  1. Papers in the Research Bulletins of the Faculty of Economic Sciences are published in B-5 format. Please set the following diminensions in the text editor:

    • page height: 23.5 cm;
    • page width: 16.5 cm;
    • text column width: 12.5 cm;
    • text column height: 19.5 cm;
    • margins: upper 2.5cm; bottom 2.4 cm; left 2 cm; right 2 cm;
    • headline: 1.3 cm;
    • imprint: 0 cm.

    Mirror margines are to be set.

  2. The number of pages is to be 10 including figures, tables, literature references and abstract.
  3. The content of the paper is to be written in the WORD editor with the Times New Roman 11 typeface, while maintaining an interval of exactly 13 pts between lines (interline) for all paragraphs.
  4. The layout of the paper is to be drawn up in accordance with the pattern presented on the previous page.
  5. Abbreviations used should be in accordance with applicable rules.
  6. All figures, charts and tables need to be directly placed in the text, or they should fill in whole pages (they are not to go beyond margins, in the vertical layout). Figures must be grouped.
  7. Bibliography, only of the literature quoted in the paper, is to be supplied at the end of the paper in the alphabetical order.
  8. Bottom footnotes with continous numbering are to be used for the whole text of the paper.
  9. A short abstract in the the English language is to be supplied with a paper written in the Polish language. Papers in other languages need to include abstracts in the Polish language.
  10. The article is to be supplied via electronic mail under the following address: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.. A statement concerning copyright laws and a consent for a review and publication of the work is to be appended to the text.

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